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Supervised Visitation Monitor.
Visitation Monitoring The Court has ordered that for you to see and visit your child(ren) you must have a Supervised Visitation Monitor. You’re not happy about the situation, stuff but you want to see your kids. Supervised visitation can be difficult and uncomfortable at times. Often there are hurt and angry feelings toward the other parent, and it seems impossible to have a positive attitude about a supervised visitation. Remember that both of you care about your children, and that, if possible, children benefit from having two parents in their lives.
So how do you go about obtaining an Monitor? And what are the rules. The following will provide a guide for you, it will explain the terms, rules and procedures.

What is a Monitor, why do I need one and what power does the a Monitor have?
A professional Monitor serves as a neutral observer and assist in the exchange of the parents children from the Custodial Parent to the Non-Custodial Parent for the purpose of visitation.

The Monitor is required because the Court has ordered that an Observer be present to ensure the safety and well being of the child(ren).

Monitors are required because we specialize in handling cases involving domestic violence, child abduction, physical, verbal or child abuse, child endangerment, childnapping, molestation or any other highly dangerous or difficult cases. (Please note: The Monitor is not judgmental and is not there to take side.)

Monitors Authority.
As a Supervised Visitation Monitor we are here to help, for whatever the reason that the Court has required supervised visits, it is just that, a Court required order. We realize that there is a bit of resentment on your part, you are being required to have a Monitor (a stranger) who has control over the visits you’ll have with YOUR CHILDREN and to add insult to injury, you have to pay for it. The program is not about fairness, it’s about the protection and safety of the child or children. We are not here with preconceived notions and we are not judgmental, the court and/or attorneys involved have required that a Monitor be present. We are here as a neutral party to assist you in enjoying your children’s visit’s under the current circumstances. Lets work together to make it as enjoyable as possible. However, there are certain requirements and rules that we both parents must follow as well as the monitor. This will ensure the safety of the children. (California Law)


As a monitor may be spending some time alone with your child, it is wise to select a monitor that is registered. It is your responsibility as a parent, to verify that the monitor is actually registered by calling 800-822-8490.

What We Do

We strive to offer a service that meets your needs. Are you looking for a professional child visitation monitor who is concerned about the welfare of your child(dren)? A caring and diligent

Tips for Parents

Being with your child in the presence of someone else may be uncomfortable for you, at least in the beginning. You probably have many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly

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