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Comments from Monitors that have signed up. 

I wanted to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to stay in this field and do what I love. Because of your site I have gotten so many calls I have started referring them to other monitors Thank you 
Caring Hands supervised monitor 10/01/18

Business is better thanks to your site. AnnMarie, Legal Angels 09/04/2018

Joseph Carabajal  of Carabajal Monitoring & Court Service. I was listed one day and had a job offer the next. WOW! that was fast.

Luann Brun, Child Monitoring. When I listed with LACOSVM I starting receiving calls and email and must importantly job’s. It’s been great. LB

John Foley. Since I signed up you would think I’m the only Monitor in the San Gabriel Valley. People keep calling and there’s no way I can handle this. I retired and started Monitoring to make a few bucks. Now it’s like a full time job. While I like doing It for the extra income it’s become a bit much and I’m saying no more often, I’m just to busy. But I wanted to let you know. THX

How to Get Listed.

Supervised Visitation Monitors,  this is your opportunity to be listed in one place. This site uses all the search engines and offers those looking for Providers the ability to search for a Monitor in their area. No longer will you need to Google from one web site to another, you need only come to this site to view all the listed Providers.

If you would like to be listed as a Monitor on this site the fee is  $100.00 a year.


Three steps to REGISTER:
1. Fill out the required forms listed below and Email the documents to
MAKE PAYMENT and  provide proof of training.

 2. Click the SIGN UP NOW   This is where you will provide all  the information that you will want listed
on the “MONITOR’S LIST” page. 

 3. Go to the PAYPAL button and make the payment.
( You can use a Credit or Debt  Card  also). Note. Do not send your information without making your  payment first.

Please fill out the forms and select what areas you’ll serve. (See * below) We will allow  change’s
in January and  June.

 To get listed as a Supervised Visitation Monitor on this site the following is required:
Declaration of Training form completed FL-324

  1. Click on the link  below to get FL-324 to download the   Declaration of Training  form if needed.


  2. Proof of completion of 24 hours of training.
    ( that includes the 2017 California Rules of Court,  Standard 5.20. Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation). Your “Certificate of Training“. You should have this from the school from were you were trained.
    Training Judicial Council CA/CFCC Certificate.

    DCFS Live Scan Approved

  3. Proof of a Background Check/Trustline.
    (Click to link Livescan ).If you worked in business that required a State or Federal background check,
    that can be used.

  4. Fill out your information form (the info as you want it to appear on the web site. If you have a preference as to the Header color please indicate it. Note lighter colors do not show well.)


*When signing up give some thought to reviewing the MAP page. It is broken down into different parts of Los Angeles County. Consider selecting area’s that would benefit you the most and cut your drive time down. i.e., “South Bay , Gateway Cities and Los Angeles County. When clients living in those area’s would prefer someone close.   

     Sending documents. Most people have Printers with Scanners and maybe a FAX included. For your convenience  scan the document into your computer and save them, a client may request to see them and they will always be available, further you can just send them to us as an attachment. If you prefer to use a FAX that number is  
1 866 229-4717


This is a private site and is in anyway an agency of Los Angeles County.



As a monitor may be spending some time alone with your child, it is wise to select a monitor that is registered. It is your responsibility as a parent, to verify that the monitor is actually registered by calling 800-822-8490.

What We Do

We strive to offer a service that meets your needs. Are you looking for a professional child visitation monitor who is concerned about the welfare of your child(dren)? A caring and diligent

Tips for Parents

Being with your child in the presence of someone else may be uncomfortable for you, at least in the beginning. You probably have many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly

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