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What Listing with LACOSVM Offers.
Exposure, easy to find you and that means JOB's

There are a large number of Providers in Los Angeles County, all without a central place to be found . But most parents or guardian's do not know where to look when searching for a Monitor. LACOSVM is listed on all Search Engines and list all the pertinent information that the parent's are looking for in a Monitor. Monitors that have listed with us have told us that have had calls within two days.

To get listed there is a fee of $100. 00 a year.

Payments are made when you sign up Changes, i.e. fee's, location's etc.
are allowed twice a year, January and June.

Monitor requirements

To get listed as a Supervised Visitation Monitor on this site the following is required:

1. A completed FL-324 (P) [Declaration of Supervised Visitation Provider (Professional). New form is attached. DOWNLOAD: FL-324P DECLARATION OF SUPERVISED VISITATION PROVIDER (PROFESSIONAL) (

a. When completing the FL-324 (P) include the following information for the court:  Superior Court County of Los Angeles (address)
b. You will be verifying on the new FL-324 (P) that have obtained a record check through Live- Scan, which is law as of 1/1/2021.

2. Proof of completion of 24 hours of training that includes the 2021 California Rules of Court, Standard 5.20. Uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation.

3. Complete and provide your certificate for the 4 hour online training course by the CA  Department of Social Services for mandated child abuse reporters at

4. Scan and eMail documents to:  [email protected]

 Click to above to REGISTER. Fill out the form and make payment  through PayPal or Visa.

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When signing up give some thought to reviewing the MAP pages.
It is broken down into different parts of Los Angeles County. Consider selecting area’s that would benefit you the most and cut your drive time down. i.e., “South Bay , Long Beach and Los Angeles County. Clients living in those area’s would prefer someone close.

Sending documents. Most people have Printers with Scanners and Cellphone photo. For your convenience scan the document into your computer and save them and Email them to  [email protected]