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Luann Bruns

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Luann Brun
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Thank you for interviewing Luann D. Bruns for your professional monitoring. I maintain the services of two professional experienced monitors, Luann Bruns, and Gary Anderson. My primary role as a trained professional in early child development is to ensure a safe and comfortable visit for your child. This is a difficult period for your child who is often afraid and unsure of his changed life. I accept the role of being his new friend to enjoy the visit in a safe and secure environment.

We distinguish each case with sensitivity, compassion, and privacy. Accordingly, our names and professional reputations are recognized by judges, therapists, psychologists and Los Angeles’ most prestigious family law practices, Summers, Levine & Kretzmer, LLP., and Blank Rome, LLP., among other family law lawyers, and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services,  and most importantly, parents.

We have been recognized by the Los Angeles County Association of Family Law Associates for our professional, and personal roles in understanding and assisting parents and their children. The LAFLA Forum, Attorneys, Minors Counsels, and Therapists, have given accolades to Luann Bruns, and Gary Anderson for our neutrality, and detailed reporting to the courts, and most importantly, from parents for our warmth and compassion to the children, who are often afraid, and confused.

Attorneys and courts refer cases to us knowing we are the monitor of record and not an agency training inexperienced individuals. Our role is to ensure your child is safe and protected. As experienced visitation monitors, we are proficient in handling matters that involve domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and recognizing parental alienation., and strictly follow the California Judicial Council Guidelines.

Luann Bruns holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Northridge (CSUN), in Liberal Studies, emphasis in early childhood development. To accommodate the courts, attorneys and parents, our professional structure is as follows. Gary Anderson holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California (USC), and post graduate classes in child monitoring, sexual abuse, substance abuse and mental Illness.

• Serving as a single point of contact, we communicate with clients, attorneys, therapists,
psychologists, and any other professionals that are integral to the case, to coordinate all
arrangements for visits, offering convenient, flexible scheduling with dependable,
professional monitors.
• Services Include: An Objective Report after each visit containing a description of family
interactions as observed.
• Testifying in Court.
• Alcohol and Drug Recognition and Testing Available.
• Transportation of children for non-supervised visitation arrangements.
• Supervised Visitation available 365 days a year.

Westside Citied/San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, All Los Angeles County, and Orange County

Supervised visitations, Off-site visits, Overnight visits, Extended visits, Exchanges and Telephone monitoring