This site provides a list of LACOSVM Providers in and around Los Angeles County.

According to Family Code Section 3200, all providers of supervised visitation must operate their programs in compliance with the “Uniform Standards of Practice for Providers of Supervised Visitation” which can be found in the California Rules of Court, Standards of Judicial Administration, Standard 5.20. They are available: See legal. Therefore when selecting one of the following supervised visitation monitors it is very important that you, as parents you should:

  • >> Become familiar with the Standards of Practice
  • >> Use good judgment when selecting any monitor
  • >> Consider the value of having the monitor registered on TrustLine or cleared through a criminal background check
  • >> Trustline requires all caregivers listed on its registry to pass a background screening that qualifies them to be a child care provider.All persons listed on TrustLine have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Dept. of Justice and have no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California that would prevent them from being a child care provider.
    As a monitor may be spending some time alone with your child, it is wise to select a monitor that is registered. It is your responsibility as a
    parent, to verify that the monitor is actually registered by calling 1-800-822-8490. Some agencies have the authority to do their own criminal background screening with the Department of Justice without having to go through TrustLine. Consider using a monitor that carries
    professional liability insurance that specifically covers supervised visitation; ask to see a copy of their policy.
    Understand that a separate intake interview must be conducted with each parent and the children if age appropriate, prior to the first visit.
    Because of this, the first visit may not occur immediately.
    This is a list of private providers that charge for their services, the list below shows their
    fees. In addition; The la law requires that before visitation can begin the Monitor have a Intake Interview with both parents/gradians.
    Again there is a fee for this meeting. You can view the Rules and regulations on the Legal Page.
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